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Más reciente

Hello Spring!


Little by little…

…I’m making that camera work…still need to work on my subjects (they are totally empty of artistic concepts) but it’s turning to “something”.

Holga after long time

I always forget about my Holga, for that reason my rolls have a mix of subjects! Anyways when I get them from the shop I’m always suprised of the results! This time I made a real selection because even if pictures look quite nice, thay are not all interesting ^^’ !!!


More more more!

Aaaah! Still so exited with the results of the folding Zeiss Ikon from my grand dad!

I Still need to figure out a tip or something to not have the numbers printed on the film!

I’m in ❤ of my folding camera!

This last roll result is amazing! I thought that in color maybe results wouldn’t be that good but i’m so surprised of the sharpness obtained! What a super lens the zeiss Ikon!

Instantaxi papparaxi at work

Most of the pictures here were done in my work ambience, before going to work or after of it, or even some done while I was working. Done with my collegues, or my friends with the exitation of have finnished a working day with friends. Actually Andorra moments. Of course mountain and ski are not excluded.

Fishes in this sea

As it is becoming more usual, the roll was in the camera for months, so there are pictures from different places and moments, stills, we keep it groovin’ as fishes in this mental sea!

Milions de felicitats Mamuska!!!

My mum just turned to 50 this year! And she looks incredible! So with my brother and sister made this little video to commemorate it!

And here some pictures of her childhood!

At the beach with Grandpas, mamé et papé! My Grandma looks awesome!

Cutie blondie!


Always doing the clown!


And instagram version of an old picture

We love you!

5 of 30’s!

Yess!! My firsts results from the Zeiss Ikon folding from my grand dad. Just 5 pictures from 8 possible but kinda like them!

Diana B/W

4 pictures from my Diana f+ in B/W. Just half of the roll was saved due to a strange accident. At the same time I have developped them really late so numbers of the protection paper get printed in :(

Like them anyway…

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